Course Objectives:

  • To take your English from Intermediate → Advanced (C1).

  • To provide the easiest way to fit English into your busy life.

  • To give you the right skills to speak English confidently.

How does it work?

The DAILY QUICK FIX course takes places exclusively inside a private What's App group, where I personally teach you English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and fluency to help you break the intermediate barrier and finally reach an advanced level of English.

Each week we look at a modern, interesting topic, and I give you daily lessons to help you develop your British English pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and learn advanced grammar. 

Your membership includes 3 weekly speaking assignments to send directly to either me or my colleague Rebecca via What's App audio. You will receive prompt, personalised feedback to help you speak more fluently, more confidently and more advanced English.

As a member of the group, you can access me directly via What's App to ask me all your questions about English... whenever you want!

  • Pronunciation

    Personalised help from a pronunciation expert to speak English more clearly and naturally.

  • Vocabulary

    Talk confidently about an extensive range of fun, interesting and relevant topics of conversation

  • Grammar

    Express yourself accurately and with more versatility using an advanced level of English grammar.

How much time do I need?

You should spend up to 15 minutes a day on the course, Monday - Friday. This includes the time required to review the lessons, practice your speaking, send the final audio and listen to your teacher's feedback.

If you are unable to spend time every day on the course, don't worry! This course was designed to be the most flexible way to learn English... and it is!

100% Guarantee

If you feel that the course is not for you, just let me know within 7 days of starting and I will refund 100% of your money. I will even let you continue inside the group for the full month! 

And remember, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time with full flexibility.

  • Downloads

    Downloadable mini-lessons every day (Mon - Fri) inside our What's App Group.

  • Support via What’s App

    Get expert feedback on your assignment to help you drastically improve your spoken English.

  • 100% Compatible

    This course is 100% compatible with whatever you are currently doing to improve your English.


What do my 'Quick Fixers' say?

You've found the perfect formula!

Clara P

It motivates me to do a little bit of English every day, and I learn so much with your incredibly valuable feedback! I can only say thank you!

It motivates me to do a little bit of English every day, and I learn so much with your incredibly valuable feedback! I can only say thank you!

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Fantastic Way to Learn English

Alex Del Pozo

I am in this group for 6 months and am learning so much regarding pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Greg has helped me so much with my mistakes and his feedback on What's App is the icing on the cake! I recommend Daily Quick Fix 100%.

I am in this group for 6 months and am learning so much regarding pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Greg has helped me so much with my mistakes and his feedback on What's App is the icing on the cake! I recommend Daily Quick Fix 100%.

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Daily Quick Fix Team

Greg Pioli

Founder of Online Language Academy / English With Greg

I’m Greg, your British English Pronunciation Coach. I help global professionals to speak English clearly and confidently, and to understand their international clients and colleagues easily.

I was born in Yorkshire, England, and now live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain with my wife and two bilingual daughters (the baby can cry in both languages). I've been teaching English for more than 15 years, and exclusively online for 10 years... and I absolutely LOVE it!!

In 2010 I founded Online Language Academy – an online school that offers high-quality conversation classes with native English teachers – and more recently I have created online courses here at English With Greg. My popular YouTube channel helps more than 60,000 students from around the world improve their English grammar and pronunciation with my fun, clear and easy-to-follow lessons.

Rebecca Charlton Yates

Professional British English Communications Coach

I have been working with Greg for over two years, creating fun and up-to-date materials for our Daily Quick Fix students, and pushing them to become more confident and fluent speaking English.

I am originally from England, but moved to Spain in my teens. I currently live with my 3-year-old son near Málaga, where I also run my own language school. Since opening six years ago, we have helped hundreds of adult students succeed in passing their official examinations and job interviews in English.

Like Greg, my goal is to help you speak English more clearly and to understand native speakers more easily, and it brings me so much joy to see the positive effect an advanced level of English makes on our students’ personal and professional lives.

What Others Say

“Greg is one of the best English teachers I have ever known. He is a very smart, professional and nice person. He is hard-working and is always there when you need him. The ideal teacher. I truly recommend him.”

Matilde Bellido

“Greg has a way of explaining things that is both very clear and kind of fun so you don’t forget whatever he teaches you. He paints a picture and it sticks with you.”

María Fontanet

“I wish I’d had a teacher like Greg when I first started learning English at school. Maybe English teachers should take a class with Greg and write down some notes.”

Xiana Castiñeiras

Your Questions

  • When can I sign up?

    Now! Once your payment is received, you will be given a link to join the group immediately, and will start receiving your daily lessons the next day.

  • How much does it cost?

    The subscription costs 29,99€/month, or, you can save 20% and pay every 3 months. As soon as you join, you get instant access to the group, and don't worry – you can cancel at any time!

  • How can I pay?

    Choose a payment option (below) and click the JOIN THE GROUP button (below) to get started. Payments are made via Credit / Debit card.

  • Will Greg be my teacher?

    Your feedback will be given by either Greg or Rebecca, both of whom are highly experienced British English teachers who have set up language schools in Spain. They share the same teaching values and work ethic, and are dedicated to helping you speak an advanced level of English clearly and accurately.

  • How long do I need to spend on the course?

    You should spend about 10-15 minutes each day on the course, five days a week.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Sign in on this webpage and click My Account → Billing. Once you cancel your subscription, you will remain in the What's App group until the end of the current billing cycle. You will then be removed from the group.

  • Is there a deadline for the speaking assignments?

    If you are unable to do the speaking assignments the day you receive them, you can do them later in the week, no problem. This course is designed to be the most convenient and flexible way of improving your English, so... we're flexible!

  • How do we communicate?

    The daily lessons and assignments are posted in the private What's App group, and you send your replies direct to your teacher via What's App. Your speaking assignments are not shared publicly.

    You can also contact Greg via What's App for all your English-language questions during your time inside the group.


  • Flexible

    The short format of the lessons makes it EASY to fit English into your busy life.

  • Convenient

    Enjoy the course at home, in the office, at the park, on the train or bus... wherever you want!

  • Effective

    I have seen positive results in all the students inside this course. I guarantee you will make real progress too!


Are You Motivated To Reach a C1 Level of English?